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July 10, 2015,

Erica Dooley Fitness Website Design
Erica Dooley was born and raised in a small suburban town in California. As a child athlete, Erica was no stranger to the fitness world. Involved in gymnastics, competitive Swim team, cheerleading, and volleyball, Erica was attracted to the competitive nature and health aspect associated with such activities. Working out has always been a part of her life beginning with daily conditioning workouts as a gymnast and competitive swimmer.
Growing up an athlete, Erica learned the importance of health and fitness at an early age. Looking for ways to make her a stronger swimmer, she began using her parent’s home gym to get an advantage on girls she was swimming against. She began to improve her strength and time and was hooked! Asking only for a gym membership for her 15th Birthday, Erica knew that fitness was quickly becoming her passion and would be deeply ingrained in her life forever.
In 2001 right out of High School, Erica began studying Nutrition, became a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and also began training for her first NPC fitness competition at just 18 years old. She then went on to earn her pro-card by age 22 and became an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) professional figure athlete. After competing in a total of 11 competitions, Erica was ready to hang up her competitive heels and move on to new adventures such as fitness modeling and continuing her education in both nutrition and cosmetology. Today Erica is happily married, and has a renewed passion for life & health. Most importantly, she has learned how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and devotes her time to teaching clients how to do the same. Erica’s calling in life is educating others about her passions (fitness, nutrition & beauty) through her online lifestyle coaching. Erica has over 13 years of personal training and nutrition experience along with multiple National Certifications.
Erica is a sought after and well respected fitness model and trainer.


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