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Michelle Cagle – The Hot Fit Mom Next Door

August 29, 2013,

Personal Trainer Website Design
Michelle Cagle is a mother of three beautiful little ones. Before she got pregnant with her first son, she never had much trouble with her weight. She was a size “six” or “eight”; basically what she would consider a very “normal” young American woman. But AFTER her first pregnancy she gained a lot of weight. She was totally devastated with what had happened to her body in just nine short months. So, she decided to educate herself and figure out what she needed to do to “Bounce Back”.
She became a trainer and got certified in sports nutrition. One day, her good friend suggested that she compete in a fitness competition. She hit the stage in Orlando two weeks later, and the bright lights shocked her into what she had actually signed up for. But, in the end, she took third place out of about seventy-five girls!


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